Taylor Rain hasn’t made an adult movie in years yet she remains extremely popular in the adult industry. In fact, according to Fame Registry, to this day Taylor Rain remains one of the top most popular porn stars in the business. Taylor Rain began her illustrious career as a porn star in 2001 and during the span of her career has been known by a few variations of her name including Taylor Rain, Niki, Talor Rain (by dumb asses who apparently can’t type), Nikki Starr, Taylor Rains, Taylor Raine, and even a few times by the name of Charlie.

Taylor Rain


Porn Star Taylor Rain


Taylor Rain is a natural beauty with a great look with that beautiful brown hair and all real boobs. Taylor Rain might not exactly be a household name but to her many legion of fans she is number one and always will be. Tau;pr Rain got her start in the adult business in 2002 and while she may be retired now, that doesn’t mean we still can’t worship her greatness and enjoy all the wonderful movies she made through the years while she was active.


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